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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Custom 32 bit ubuntu kernel 3.0.3 optimized for core2 and above

Kernel Configuration

  1. Followed Ubuntu way of building kernel (to know more follow this link)
  2. I disabled kernel debugging in kernel configuration
  3. Changed to use SLAB instead of SLUB
  4. Changed kernel frequency to 300 HZ from 250 HZ
  5. Selected processor as CORE2
  6. Edited main Makefile to append -march=core2 -mtune=core2
  7. Used PAE and highmem64 to support more than 4 GB
  8. Used SPARSE memory instead of FLAT memory model
  9. Edited arch/x86/Makefile_32.cpu and changed i686 to core2 for CORE2 optimization
How to install

Extract the zip file, and enter into the extracted folder in terminal (using open in terminal in nautilus)

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Screenshot of core2 kernel running in my i7 processor 32 bit ubuntu system

Ubuntu reports more memory (it seems sparse memory means more memory to user rather than kernel)


1a74c1ea4b4ddcb6cd73f298960ce3dbdf4e8b88b9832ed9915e301ebce4f268  BuildKernel3.0.3core2.sh
c94ed3fa2e048bb284af97299ccf6e50ad328e8c89851c3936f44cddade75505  linux-headers-3.0.3-030003_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_all.deb
16f3ade6cf647697049ae11413d039b016188c86d661af5663913195e10e153d  linux-headers-3.0.3-030003-core2_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_i386.deb
5c84925996fe87be9e6391c59894f2367b585e0021ff99aae71fa2762b795784  linux-image-3.0.3-030003-core2_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_i386.deb

Download Link



  1. Kernel runs faster in my i7 (in 32 bit Ubuntu)

  2. hi
    will there be a x64 version?

  3. I built 64 bit kernel 3.0.4 optimized for core2 and using it, I have uploaded it and more info about it from my new article

    Hope you will enjoy, :)

  4. Hope you will compile again with 3.3.2 :) thanx

  5. Currently in openSUSE 12.1, need to install ubuntu back, waiting for 12.04 to release

  6. Very Thans! Debian Sqeeze, linux 3.3.7