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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Custom 32 bit ubuntu kernel 3.0.1 optimized for atom processors or netbook

I did a build of Kernel 3.0.1 ubuntu way for my netbook. The kernel is 32 bit and optimized for atom processors.

A nice pdf explaining how to install or how to build yourself is here

I installed the kernel in my netbook and broadcom dkms modules worked fine(as the kernel was built the ubuntu way it should build dkms modules)

Here are the screenshots of Kernel 3.0.1 running inside my netbook

Once again, I used Linux Mint 10 running inside virtualbox to build.

Here are the dropbox download links 


Here are the SHA256SUMS

ade0a894882e07fcffda3ba311e1722301c1837e47fd96c24699655b6499e165  config-3.0.1-030001-atom
0af74f8dc06e5163e21b57eddd8beebbabacac399b018a3a3fb52969439e52e2  BuildKernel3.0.1.sh
e96f6f1e21eebd1b129d5da19d13f6166d12e2447b3f7d6537aeaad614fc51ff  linux-headers-3.0.1-030001_3.0.1-030001.201108060905_all.deb
e4492e7e36722e1949629da4aea7e2a96be996d340f6a67a95e293fe56b2c901  linux-headers-3.0.1-030001-atom_3.0.1-030001.201108060905_i386.deb
8815bc101694b2d10cdadf3cc18b8837bfaf72cca86a391b9d726bb2786ba4e6  linux-image-3.0.1-030001-atom_3.0.1-030001.201108060905_i386.deb
c206308a04940da0742c269e5fb6b8b4cb736d20f997a2413a7e9ebe9eb2bc7a  Readme.odt
9a01497bce1a58d0663e4f4e7aa9e317b6724ff8c8036cb8fc23561e768bb659  Readme.pdf


  1. 2:15 PM
    ck: it work good

    it is fast


    6:11 PM
    me: oh ok
    6:12 PM

    ck: wireless not getting conneced

    me: oh


    i know the answer
    6:14 PM

    download from any one of mirrors

    then double click and install it
    6:15 PM
    ck: ok
    6:18 PM
    whats the url

    me: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/i386/bcmwl-kernel-source/download

    in this click any mirror
    6:19 PM
    ck: then

    me: donwloaded ?

    ck: yup

    me: double click and press install
    6:20 PM
    ck: ok

    me: it will tell it is already installed from old repos

    dont care, install again

    then tell me
    5 minutes
    6:25 PM
    me: installed ?
    6:26 PM
    ck: ding


    me: k

    6:30 PM

    ck: i guess
    6:31 PM
    im rstarting

  2. The above chat with my friend tells, how to get broadcom drivers working with kernel 3.0.1

  3. Will this work on Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook and my Asus 1005HAB? Its a Atom N270 machine. Thanks

  4. It works on 10.04, you need to call update-initramfs and update-grub after installing.

    Also, broadcom wireless module does not work in Mint 10 which is based on 10.10

    I have 11.04 in my netbook and after upgrading broadcom from oneiric, wireless started working

  5. Just wanted to report that everything worked great thanks. I did not need that broadcom driver, my internet worked out of the box. Finny thing is after setting up Ubuntu 10.04 I decided I just didnt like it. I want something with pure speed so giving Lubuntu 11.04 a try now. Really saddens me that Ubuntu is no longer making a Netbook version anymore. I will try this kernel on Lubuntu 11.04, but so far I really like its simple clean and fast feel. Thanks again.

  6. Update: This kernel works great on Lubuntu 11.04. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to open source.

  7. Any chance of doing one for the Intel N450? ... (MSI L1350D)

    1. Are you running 64 bit OS as Intel N450 supports it.

      I gave my netbook to someone else, I only have 64 bit systems

      If you run 64 bit OS, I will build atom optimized 64 bit kernel and upload it

    2. SHA256SUMS of the 64bit 3.6 linux kernel packages I built with atom optimization

      ae7a3348f43c8c31827bd6f61d90a1e280c334d41f1d37c539e2f7a203c24a0e buildkernel36atom.sh

      ada5b5dddc64e064663a9c935266e6555e8b58d81746f78bb3eb7164ef5d9512 linux-headers-3.6.0-030600_3.6.0-030600.201209302035_all.deb

      be3f14c920353ad571a5809a30e3a2be49665a71abf413a883a9118b84b11dc6 linux-headers-3.6.0-030600-atom_3.6.0-030600.201209302035_amd64.deb

      097b0738e8a26ccfc6b93ed9c7e3a19b05e9d9d2aaac9e360b4de6eefdb5e03c linux-image-3.6.0-030600-atom_3.6.0-030600.201209302035_amd64.deb

      Download links

      Build Script for Kernel 3.6

      Linux Headers All for Kernel 3.6

      Linux Headers Atom for Kernel 3.6

      Linux Image Atom for Kernel 3.6