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Friday, May 20, 2011

Custom kernel 2.6.39 ubuntu amd64 packages optimized for core2 and above processors

The following are the dropbox links for the kernel 2.6.39 built by me optimized for core2 and above processors. This is 64 bit package.

I copied kernel source into /usr/src/ folder and built. This fixes the symlink problem in the built binary (earlier binary packages have symlink pointing to my home folder which is fixed by this build)

The packages are built with CORE2 processor with 300 HZ frequency. The packages have transparent hugepage support enabled.

Dropbox Links




02be3776febaa9ab796785d2cdbe150bad45ec110eb9a51e6a9df754f0a356d8 CONFIG-CORE2
62ac5e98b9bc0a25bbe095eb36485f4d294ffdb336eb4ba47be5c09130817f77 linux-headers-2.6.39-core2_12.00_amd64.deb
12704469901b31e02728a016b4e486c255b7ae513fc99b76beb07830e880ba84 linux-image-2.6.39-core2_12.00_amd64.deb
2428dee50f811f3e8d0ed304ff2f766f31cd477e74569384b63b1339e306014c Readme.odt
535535ee00c846d0b0dd2eb43d9bda67ba35dbd34552ff5059b94bd7cb64597e Readme.pdf


007b9809ce098545eeaca1cbf5c2bcdc CONFIG-CORE2
06b39287362e4c3ebac02abb3971f1a5 linux-headers-2.6.39-core2_12.00_amd64.deb
8d1d3bb732f69bded9f24d15aee20e22 linux-image-2.6.39-core2_12.00_amd64.deb
c1b10b014a2bcc56c6b32a0a733767e1 Readme.odt
f9976fc6477fef1368f6a4265b0ed114 Readme.pdf

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Compiled kernel with transparent hugepage support

Today I compiled linux kernel with transparent hugepage support enabled. Also changed the march and mtune in arch/x86/Makefile to native for CORE2

Enjoying the new kernel, will upload it tomorrow, feeling sleepy ...

When CD writing app does not honor my speed setting

Today I tried to write a Ubuntu ISO to CD using Brasero. I changed the speed of burning to 8x and expected brasero to honor it.

I heard a roaring noise and to my shock brasero was writing the CD with full speed. Nonsense, I hate ....

I removed brasero using synaptic and tried gnome-baker. Wow it is super and to my liking, it honors my speed setting.

This is my personal rant, don't get offended and I may change my opinion about brasero if brasero works with next version. Until then goodbye brasero