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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

On top of the hills

Linux Mint 11

Well nothing much to tweak, whatever needs to be tweaked is already tweaked. It is boring to see when everything is working extremely well and not motivating enough for me to rebuild a new kernel (as this feel extremely fast already).

I thought Linux Mint 11 is same as Ubuntu 11.04, how wrong. Everything is fast, flying with speed

Thanks Linux Mint

Friends comment: green house  effect   is  good, but  so  much greeeeeen 


  1. Have you tried Linux Mint LMDE? That's my personal favorite Mint flavour, even if i don't really like Gnome. It's a bit more of a challenge and as fast as Mint.

  2. Totally stunned by Linux Mint 11, will use it for sometime, before doing a hop again