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Monday, November 21, 2011

Custom 64 bit Ubuntu Kernel 3.1.1 optimized for i3, i5 and i7

Let me be terse

For building refer http://duopetalflower.blogspot.com/2011/10/custom-64-bit-ubuntu-kernel-31.html

Kernel 3.1.1 optimized with corei7 march, kernel frequency of 1000 HZ and processor selected as CORE2 (only built for 64 bit) with Ubuntu patches. The resulting deb binary are installable on ubuntu/mint systems

Kernel binary and buildscript zipped can be downloaded from the following mediafire link (
whose sha256sum is
38703cc653dde3bc3b0645393106ab4efff08ec362af0e0961c9dd8d2d09a8b1  Kernel3.1.1-i7.zip)

Buildscript can be downloaded from this mediafire link (whose sha256sum is 258c153288eb8a9a735e83a86e76cdfa7d2658eb75c6dc8b0a160bf4cc2f4fd9  buildscript-kernel3.1.1-i7.sh)

Some screenshots

While building, can see how RAM is utilized efficiently by linux kernel

While installing the newly built kernel

After installation and rebooting into new kernel