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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Superfast i7 optimized 3.0.3 kernel for 64bit ubuntu 11.04

This kernel is very very fast! atleast for me

To try yourself or install in Ubuntu 11.04 (if you have i7 system as it is optimized with march=native, I edited main Makefile and added march=native and mtune=native), use the following command after downloading

sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-3.0.3-030003_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_all.deb linux-headers-3.0.3-030003-i7_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_amd64.deb linux-image-3.0.3-030003-i7_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_amd64.deb  

To test the new kernel, reboot. If you feel the kernel has problems, reboot into default ubuntu kernel and delete this kernel from synaptic

Download links


136f21e33233eb3b0de05dbb1fe58a302ed55edb716b80bc629d8aef96cabff7  CONFIG-3.0.3-I7
29f0290b6a5b5da952f6d591ed45f4a36649ec04581ca807f48fe170fd1daf00  linux-headers-3.0.3-030003_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_all.deb
cf2b99e3ed3188a2dbce748b812f7f1db8c88ccb97eb3943eeeb0918a1572992  linux-headers-3.0.3-030003-i7_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_amd64.deb
d4c83a30b77e2c581e3900d5b8cbfcb6ebf2ceca7bf448ba978de4b378f44691  linux-image-3.0.3-030003-i7_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_amd64.deb


  1. Can this kernal run on amd phenom 6 core?

  2. I can do a build with phenom, please tell me the march,

    shall I use march=barcelona ?

  3. Ok, I am doing a build with march=barcelona, will update this blog once done

  4. Hi i am the anonymous that requested the amd phenom kernel.
    I am using dell xps studio 7100 AMD Phenom™ II X6 six-core processor with AMD Turbo Core technology.
    I hope this is enough info to build the kernel.

  5. ok, I uploaded the built kernel for testing, if you want you can give a test

  6. Hi,

    I have installed this kernel and it works, hurray :-) (At this moment it runs on three ubuntu 11.04 instances with catalyst 11.8 - unfortunately without rendering).
    Concerning the how "fast" is this compilation - is there any way how can I measure this performance? Some kind of utilities and I would like to compare it with natty kernel 3.0.0-8 compiled originally by ubuntu team.

    Now, I have to figure out why previous compilations of kernels versions > 3.0 did not work and previous oneric kernels > 3.0 did not work either.

    Many thanks for this job and any advice,

  7. It is what I felt, the snappiness and boot speed which became 3 to 5 seconds from 7 to 10 secs, so thought it was fast

    visit openbenchmarking.org to get benchmarking profiles

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  9. Will provide core2 packages tonight

  10. Hi,

    I am wondering what is the difference between to compile kernel for i7 native and core2 package? I am running my old laptop with intel core2 T7600 processor and this kernel compilation i7 is running on it - and it is faster than 3.0.0-9 natty ubuntu original kernel.
    thanks for explanation.


  11. don't run i7 kernel on core2, pls use core2 optimized one. Kernel optimized for core2 or i7 has sse, sse2, sse3 simd instructions enabled. architecture is core2 and the instruction set used will be of core2. so it should be way faster than generic kernel

  12. Wow. Just compiled the kernel according to your instructions (running a core i7 620m), and it just flies relative to the default oneiric kernel.

  13. Thanks, Love to hear such a comment



  14. @Sankaran Raman
    HI I use a Lubuntu as a Server for Gameservers.
    Can you build me a Kernel with 1000hz or better more like 10000 15000 hz with Dynamic Ticks and "No Forced Preemption" i think but i don`t know^^ ?
    My System are:
    AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400
    4 GigaRam
    Lubuntu 11.10 64bit
    HPET Support
    I am very very thank you:):)

  15. I will try to build tomorrow, I am still setting up my 11.10 Kubuntu which is half way

  16. I built for i7 after setting up Ubuntu 11.10 today morning, will do this server thing tomorrow morning, sleepy already

  17. Hi Sankaran Raman i am test the game servers with ubuntu.. , but it rans very bad.
    Today I use debian 6 with 2.6.32-5 amd64 kernel it rans much metter then ubuntu with 3.0.0.
    Debian use the Dynamic Ticks automatically and the game server use 1000hz, so i hope you can change it to 10000 hz.

  18. Did you use i7 kernel on your athlon processor? If so it would definitely run slower and even may crash as some of i7 instruction set maynot be supported in athlon, whereas generic debian/ubuntu kernel is meant to run on every processor.

    I am building a kernel optimized for athlon x2 or athlon 64 (k8 arch), will post the dowload links, you can give a try

  19. Also all of the kernels built are DYNTICK enabled,

    see the config


  20. Here are the k8 built oneiric kernels

    Headers all http://www.mediafire.com/file/ktw2d9d2qoyh3yz/linux-headers-3.0.0-12_3.0.0-12.20_all.deb

    K8 headers http://www.mediafire.com/file/9dvtr6129b4ozdl/linux-headers-3.0.0-12-k8_3.0.0-12.20_amd64.deb

    K8 Image http://www.mediafire.com/file/f25vxo2t2uqy4x3/linux-image-3.0.0-12-k8_3.0.0-12.20_amd64.deb

    Script for building this http://www.mediafire.com/file/e8lcir4ord6o85s/OneiricKernelCompilationK8.sh

    SHA256SUMS http://www.mediafire.com/file/kmz4dmzd8d52sv6/SHA256SUMSK8-1.txt

  21. Thanks for the kernels.
    At Ubuntu i have a problem with the ia32-libs, the counter-stike source or cs 1.6 server not start. And I never use a i7 kernel on a amd 64bit;)

  22. Hi thx for the OneiricKernelCompilationK8.sh it's very good. At the last 3 hours I wanted to edit it for debian, but I get only mistakes. You can help me?

  23. Yeah, I don't have debian, I can install it in virtualbox. Tell me if it is 64 bit debian squeeze.