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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RH Enterprise Linux 6 kernel in Ubuntu

I want to taste what an enterprise kernel will look like. I have downloaded the Red Hat Enterprise linux kernel source rpm and extracted the source code. I am compiling the kernel as a debian package. Will update in next article about my experiments with enterprise linux kernel running in Ubuntu (if it runs)

Want to build your own kernel from source for Ubuntu, then follow my earlier blog about kernel compilation in ten steps

Update 1: I successfully compiled the debian packages of enterprise linux 6 kernel in Ubuntu. I got some compilation errors, but I used/merged the different config given by enterprise linux directory and spec file and got rid of the compilation errors. After the correct config, the kernel built successfully. The config I used to build the el6 kernel is here


  1. Thanks,

    See my fresh article about EL6 kernel and SSD TRIM support

  2. This is really handy, I want to run debian on my server but it doesnt support my HP SmartArray SCSI RAID card (I mean, even RHEL 2.1 does!), so im gonna try this, and then using a tool called remastersys to make a new ubuntu install disk, with the RHEL kernel (and therefore my drivers)

    wish me luck


  3. All the best, later updates to RHEL source made it impossible to build a deb for me and I did not care, I moved on to kernels from kernel.org and well settled on 3.1 now