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Friday, September 2, 2011

Custom 64 bit ubuntu kernel 3.0.4 optimized for core2 and above

Kernel Configuration 3.0.4

  1. Followed Ubuntu way of building kernel (to know more follow this link)
  2. Used EL6 config as base (copied EL6 config instead of cp debian.master/config/amd64/config.flavour.generic debian.master/config/amd64/config.flavour.core2)
  3. Selected processor as CORE2
  4. Edited main Makefile to append -march=core2 -mtune=core2
  5. Enabled transparent hugepages support
  6. Enabled all cpufrequency scaling drivers like ubuntu
How to install

Extract the kernel zip file, and enter into the extracted folder in terminal (using open in terminal in nautilus)

Changes done in my system

Added pci=nocrs to kernel in /etc/grub.d/10_linux to avoid pci address space conflict warning


Ran update-grub2 to regenerate grub entries

Added acpi_cpufreq in /etc/modules to enable cpufrequncy scaling (by default not adding acpi_cpufreq module in /etc/modules ran my processor in full speed and I was happy to the overclock frequency working!!, or in other words if you overclock dont add acpi_cpufreq in /etc/modules)


Mediafire Download Link

  • Zipped Kernel headers and image debs here
  • EL6 base config here
  • Final config after tweaking here
  • Build  script here
  • SHA256SUMS here


beda19a4e1a43281204c0a593cd6dfe151e5a64e4942eeaf5b531f4cc1919a0e  linux-headers-3.0.4-030004_3.0.4-030004.201108301138_all.deb
06fcd1c89f92b6652d7782f8bf3f33876f6c9188eb7bb3af4af8d7d82a5d9301  linux-image-3.0.4-030004-core2_3.0.4-030004.201108301138_amd64.deb
cccf651ff75fa4e6d216fa0df352cd5c1bdc1fa950d8707e32531b905858968f  linux-headers-3.0.4-030004-core2_3.0.4-030004.201108301138_amd64.deb
d7b62a29e33b07cdfb7c82e12627e3c24f7eb0e234baa302b70632e3751de468  kernel3.0.4.zip
de1f33cc2f8167895b33a9999b0f61e38e895442e504ba2da46fe45f7668d1cd  CONFIG-CORE2-3.0.4
54f986efff6a0df1a60b63bce8745f4c695a368171db51d53e2f638e01b4e4e1  BuildKernel3.0.4core2.sh
3b32aeb876de29ce67e720eec0476b8d6a1ec752aa6bdc96141d00ffa5bbd54b  CONFIG-EL6-CORE2-3.0.4


  1. What is EL6 config ?

  2. Did you use red hat enterprise linux config to compile "ubuntu" kernel ? Could you post original URL where did you get config or how did you create it ? Could you supply more information why and for what purpose is this kernel compilation ?

    thank you

  3. URL of source http://ftp.redhat.com/redhat/linux/enterprise/6Workstation/en/os/SRPMS/

    Hot to get el6 config ? Download kernel source rpm and there you have all the configs and take whichever you like, :)

    Just trying various configs to see if it is faster than before and thought redhat config would help in fast kernel.

    What purpose?
    Optimize ubuntu kernels with core2 or corei7 instead of using default generic instruction set. Would you want to drive with lowest possible speed in a superhighway or with optimum speed? And of course, I have not benchmarked any kernels ... it is just my gut feeling that it runs fast