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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Custom kernel 2.6.38 ubuntu amd64 packages optimized for core2 and above processors

Kernel 2.6.38 amd64 ubuntu packages optimized for core2 and above  built by me and uploaded to dropbox for anyone who would like to test.

To know more about 2.6.38, follow the amazing h-online article

My Opinion(and you are free to contradict): Using generic kernel is like using helicopter as a car, using optimized kernel is like using helicopter as a helicopter. Your processor may be an i7 or core2, what is the use of running it with generic instruction set? It is similar to running a helicopter as a car and it never takes off

The files can be downloaded from the following links and can be checked against the SHA256SUM and MD5SUM given at the bottom of this blog to verify if the correct file is downloaded


40b85e348460ac4c7a14fe69552ae8c8bd5817dab1ad22665cf6dfe13654056d  CONFIG
841d700a1e1e5ba96aca4a6bb874a3f6269359b6e5f10e442611f7db172f5a2d  linux-headers-2.6.38-core2_2.6.38-core2-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb
ce227190e9e4e67d64569ea716f9b0effebdc1408c043e71976861375396f433  linux-image-2.6.38-core2_2.6.38-core2-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb
4f5d1f5f7ff4a224f8c549b8e3dc793da09419d297adacef214050babd181b52  Readme.odt
29274badc53e871a8e9d23e54585b2652692f7a0a8fb8760136433a2895c455f  Readme.pdf


1fdf78ffa84c7a44340cf3c2576362ef  CONFIG
a0427318da09d661163b8cec7d3f5c93  linux-headers-2.6.38-core2_2.6.38-core2-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb
8ed374df14a272a2f6b1b9965e2c791f  linux-image-2.6.38-core2_2.6.38-core2-10.00.Custom_amd64.deb
18178d1152414f33ad68bc3270ed0f25  Readme.odt
6a2fa492b0191bdd1b28544f663a170d  Readme.pdf

Dropbox download links


  1. Testing and running 2.6.38 in my system, webpages opening blazing fast, system booted in 6 secs, everything comes as and when I click

  2. Intel graphics cards should see a boost,


  3. Thanks for offering your build. Works great on my i7-920, Linux Mint 10 KDE X64. The update only took a few minutes and a reboot.

  4. Thanks inhiway, the kernel 2.6.38 is awesome than earlier kernels!!

    If you feel the need of trusting a binary built by me, you can compile yourself by following the link it takes only 15 to 20 mins for a kernel build in my system(I also have a core i7 920)

    Or even simpler, generic kernels can be installed from


  5. Also the kernel built by me is vanilla from kernel.org, without any of the patches.

    I love the way of downloading kernel source from kernel.org, compiling myself to my hearts satisfaction with 300 HZ (inspired by arch linux), preemption, core2 optimized (inspired by gentoo of course) and ipv6 as modules (as and when i like, i will blacklist ipv6, unlike the generic kernel, where it is built as part of kernel)

    It is fun trying a vanilla kernel build from kernel.org and it is great pleasure in seeing someone can use my compilation work without much effort

  6. I have not enabled Automatic process group scheduling while doing make menuconfig, forgot. I am going to upload a binary again after enabling that

  7. I built packages optimized for core i7 (using march=native and mtune=native in my i7 box). This has autogroup scheduling enabled, but enabling it defaulted io scheduler to deadline (?? not cfq, not sure)

    I have uploaded them to dropbox, here are the links


    So here they are if someone want to test

  8. Hi, I have a core i3 MSI laptop with Linux Mint 10 x64, your compiled kernel is suitable for laptops ?

  9. I'm using virtualization in my laptop (virtualbox actually, can migrate to vmware player soon), wich kernel options give me better performance? My laptop specifications are:
    - MSI Laptop Model FR600-052XAR
    - Chipset HM55
    - Video Intel GMA HD
    - CPU Core i3 330M
    - 3 GB DDR3 RAM
    - SATA Hard Disk (not SSD)
    - Integrated sound and wireless (Intel)

    Sorry for my english...

  10. Yes core2 kernel should work, i3, i5, i7, quadcore, core2duo all should run fine

    i7 kernel should run fine on i3, i5 and i7

    all of the above will need 64 bit OS, if you need 32 bit then need to get it from kernel ppa

    You can install, give a try, if it does not run, you can use your old kernels which will still remain as is in grub!

    Anytime you dont like the kernel, it can be easily removed using synaptic, by booting with a different kernel

    I have 10 different kernels to tell ...

    And seeing your config, based on phoronix articles, 2.6.38 should give a boost in graphics performance

    So it is easy and you can give a try

  11. I have 64 bit Linux Mint. I will try your kernel packages optimized for core i7 tomorrow, thanks for share it !!!!

  12. One question, using CONFIG_HZ=300 in your build can affect battery performance in a laptop ?

  13. It is neither 1000 HZ which may affect battery performance nor 100 HZ which may improve battery performance. It is inbetween and 300 should be good one for multimedia also (this I saw somewhere in arch linux that 300 HZ should be better for multimedia than 250 HZ kernel)

  14. For comparison, Ubuntu desktop kernel use 250 Hz and Ubuntu Server use 100 Hz

  15. I have one question. I have 32 bit Ubuntu Lucid and i am wondering if kernel 2.6.38 needs newer version of Xorg and newer intel drivers.

  16. I think you can install latest kernel, kernel is independent and self contained

  17. Any instruction on how to install this custom kernel?

  18. Ignore my last post :)
    Instruction is on Readme.pdf :)

  19. This is a tremendous contribution. For years I had struggled with Gentoo to get a fast system, but Gentoo is too hard to get all the pieces working. Ubuntu has all the pieces working, but it is slow. Finally, this kernel gives me the best of both worlds. Linux has for many years promised a fast system that can do everything. Now finally, after 20 years, it happens.