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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Yes this is totally unrelated to my experiments with linux, :)

But but, I am dissolved in these extremely superb anime, can't stop watching ... waiting for the next episodes, bring it on


  1. Why did I fall in love with Naruto? I learned kundalini yoga from SKY and they activated agna center. Also taught me how to bring energy to any center. And all these ninjutsu talk of chakra and this chakra is nothing but energy in english terms. Or according to hinduism it is the prana or pranic force. It is subtle, and is essence of our physical peaks. It can be controlled once agna activated ... and can the energy gathered and controlled according to will. This energy if completely comes under practitioner can be transformed into five elements and ... and I think I found a link, is this what Japanese call ninjutsu ???

    How fantastic

  2. This meditation and activation of agna is just a seed, how the practioner uses it, transforms it is limitless!! It can be used for good or evil, dark or bright, yin or yang ...

    Here in a simple anime which solidifies the japanese mythology in animation brings the underlying connection of yogic powers of this deep mythological Indianness ... can't believe when and what I stumbled across. Dont believe me? Go find yourself

  3. That simple childlike blemishless innocence of characters like Naruto and Jiraya sama, good will of konoha, deep desire for peace, how Japanese people are united to rebuild under catastrophe, how deep Japanese are in knowledge ... all these from an anime, can't believe it