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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Custom kernel ubuntu amd64 packages optimized for core2 and above processors

Kernel amd64 ubuntu packages optimized for core2 and above  built by me and uploaded to dropbox for anyone who would like to test.

The files can be downloaded from the following links and can be checked against the SHA256SUM and MD5SUM given at the bottom of this blog to verify if the correct file is downloaded

Benchmarks output of hardinfo -r when running


CPU Blowfish

-CPU Blowfish-
This Machine    1596 MHz    2.373   
Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.50GHz    (null)    26.1876862   
PowerPC 740/750 (280.00MHz)    (null)    172.816713   

CPU CryptoHash

-CPU CryptoHash-
This Machine    1596 MHz    556.861   

CPU Fibonacci

-CPU Fibonacci-
This Machine    1596 MHz    2.523   
Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.50GHz    (null)    8.1375674   
PowerPC 740/750 (280.00MHz)    (null)    58.07682   

CPU N-Queens

-CPU N-Queens-
This Machine    1596 MHz    0.826   


This Machine    1596 MHz    1.379   

FPU Raytracing

-FPU Raytracing-
This Machine    1596 MHz    4.456   
Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.50GHz    (null)    40.8816714   
PowerPC 740/750 (280.00MHz)    (null)    161.312647   


3f66e9df40a48549f1748fc44961c30c9f48ded24c49756cbb417aa571952a39  CONFIG
911ab75eb10c5d73c44fc077179609de8cbbfb0cef7fd60faa3c92bcb56f6983  linux-headers-
e4ecbd4edc3aebb37e4f71f8f23613ad308f1690f6ea6a6308b24b9a46b8cd8c  linux-image-
51c4805361cca8d6f7a31f1affe2afb9c1fc20cca924ba1b5c46ae594f67f14a  Readme.odt
d71832170316005e64fc6db5f8ed3b9ca9c7f8cb0bb3b8692127e2c041504b90  Readme.pdf


c38874f0f3ecf2f233f34cab53a45a83  CONFIG
9931cf27e528ef4951ff240368d07f55  linux-headers-
568270244062cb6e0b0245dbde2b2db8  linux-image-
ce40aaa1e49c172cc4d7e68667ed5cf0  Readme.odt
ed006c9d113401fe82f7ec7a9344c23c  Readme.pdf


  1. Got free time today morning and here they are uploaded, maybe it will help someone


  2. Is this the only change between this one and the 2.6.38 kernel you posted previously?:


  3. No, this is based on, whereas old is 2.6.38 and CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP is not set

  4. Can you build Liquorix kernel with same optymalizations?

  5. I will try during my free time, maybe this weekend

  6. This kernel is blazing fast on bootup.
    I am using an intel ssd and I can still notice a big difference over the stock kernel.

    This also fixed my problem/error on boot with i915 graphics turbo disabled

    With the standard kernel and anything older it would black screen most of the time on boot up. I would have to reset the computer numerous times until it finally started up.

    It is a known bug on launchpad.

    Not sure what you did, but it's fixed. Not one black screen plus the performance boost. Thank you Sankaran.

  7. Ahh, one problem I found is there doesn't seem to be support for vga switcheroo in the kernel.

    Is there anyway you can include this in your next release? I would be most grateful.

  8. Not sure about how the bug got fixed, because I did not apply any patches. It is just Vanilla kernel source with Ubuntu Lucid config + autoscheduling + 300 HZ kernel with preemption + ipv6 and acpi_cpufreq as modules (you need to manually load acpi_cpufreq by using /etc/modules for cpu frequency scaling to work)

    I will try building tonight, I saw that it got released 1 day back

  9. I will follow gentoo wiki and see how to enable this vga switcheroo and post the built kernel into dropbox

  10. I have built with vga_switcheroo support, uploading to dropbox, will publish the blog once done and update the link here

  11. >Anonymous said...

    > Can you build Liquorix kernel with same >optymalizations?

    Yes, downloaded liquorix source, followed their Arch (AUR) PKGBUILD script, applied patch, copied amd64 config, changed processor type to CORE2 in menuconfig, changed march to core2, building ...

    Build will finish in another 15 mins, will upload once done and give the links

  12. I am uploading liquorix kernel optimized for core2, I have explained how I built liquorix kernel in Readme.pdf, here are the dropbox links

    The upload should be completed in another 30 mins to 1 hour (I am going to sleep now ...), try after some time

    Dropbox Links








  13. I'm not sure how this occurred, but after installing this kernel I now have a VERY loud and extremely annoying PC beep every time I restart my laptop (but it seems that is the only time it occurs), even if I have sound muted. I noticed that there is now an "HDA Digital PCBeep" listed among my input devices, which was never there previously. In the '/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1b.0/input/input10' directory, there is only one subdirectory, 'input10', which is where this thing resides. The uevent provides the falling.

    NAME="HDA Digital PCBeep"

    Any ideas how this might have happened and/or how to permanently remove it? I've never had this occur before, and that includes your 2.6.38 kernel i installed the other day. This showed up for the very first time after installing this kernel and rebooting. It also seems to take at least twice as long for the desktop to load after logging in on the gdm log in screen, but other than than, I'm liking it quite a bit.

  14. PCBeep on connecting power cable can be disabled/enabled from bios settings. Can you see this input device listed when running 2.6.38 ?

    It may have to do with patches added to 2.6.38 which is why it is

    Also give a try, liquorix kernel seems to be a good option, with kernel masters adding the config and it should work really fine,


  15. Thank you for making this available!

  16. Thanks, I followed the instructions found in the Readme. I compiled the kernel 2.6.38 with the. config and patches taken from liquorix.net. Everything works perfectly, now I have installed the latest kernel liquorix optimized for intel core 2. Pcnoproblem - Italy

  17. Could you post your compilation .config file? I'd like to try your build for 32 bit.


  18. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22900905/MyKernelBuilds/

    But this is 64 bit, I will install 32bit ubuntu in virtualbox, compile and post the config.