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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Testing Gentoo Live DVD

I have memories of installing gentoo 4 or 5  years back. It was fun and as usual I messed up initial two times. Third time I installed successfully but again, I wanted to emerge everything and messed up and went distro hopping.

I learned a lot from gentoo and was quite a fun to play with. Not to mention I scared my colleagues and friends by mere mention of gentoo running in my system

I wasn't a blogger then and not good at writing, well I improved a bit to student level of blogging now and see, you are reading this now!!

Now it is easy to test drive gentoo, hopefully I may not get tempted to install it, but who knows ...

It is nice that the live dvd is running quite fast from my pendrive, thanks to dd command and hybrid iso of gentoo

Great fun to see gentoo in action, it is blazing fast. The real fun are its wallpapers so lovely and humorous at times. Here are some screenshots of those backgrounds for your reading pleasure, of course by running the live dvd yourself, you can relish those amazing wallpapers yourself

Here are some other boring screenshots of menus and terminals unlike the above

There is more to emerge, sorry, I meant more to gentoo


1 comment:

  1. Have you tried the other desktop managers..?

    You can select them by logging out and choosing one from the drop-down menu...

    Amazing the amount of work they put on that DVD, and it is really quite compact too...