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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Custom kernel ubuntu amd64 packages optimized for core2 and above processors with vga_switcheroo

Kernel amd64 ubuntu packages optimized for core2 with VGA_SWITCHEROO support as requested by Steve Demmitt in comments and  built by me and uploaded to dropbox for anyone who would like to test.

The files can be downloaded from the following links and can be checked against the SHA256SUM and MD5SUM given at the bottom of this blog to verify if the correct file is downloaded

Benchmark Output of hardinfo -r


CPU Blowfish

-CPU Blowfish-
This Machine 2661 MHz 2.197
Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.50GHz (null) 26.1876862
PowerPC 740/750 (280.00MHz) (null) 172.816713

CPU CryptoHash

-CPU CryptoHash-
This Machine 2661 MHz 539.837

CPU Fibonacci

-CPU Fibonacci-
This Machine 2661 MHz 2.482
Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.50GHz (null) 8.1375674
PowerPC 740/750 (280.00MHz) (null) 58.07682

CPU N-Queens

-CPU N-Queens-
This Machine 2661 MHz 0.824


This Machine 2661 MHz 1.358

FPU Raytracing

-FPU Raytracing-
This Machine 2661 MHz 4.436
Intel(R) Celeron(R) M processor         1.50GHz (null) 40.8816714
PowerPC 740/750 (280.00MHz) (null) 161.312647


83366a85dcd486f17da61204655c4d8bb7659ece218cb676251fec1e2519ba64  CONFIG_VGA_SWITCHEROO
f2d2ecfacc79fb5b03161ee7e1e9dd7e245f6b9acaf9c996919b8ac599e0c6ee  linux-headers-
50f5e7a4a9c0d17f24df29081886aad9039afad0afaf7fc2cf09c143fab6bccc  linux-image-
011bfe7a56760f00baff5dad2e3613ecf852b37724e08b146d8844a654ffd27d  Readme.odt
e87d6812f5b30de4239029b5cd2faa5ed7c9637107f4654a4df8cc18ea738e20  Readme.pdf


28bfdf863e7be97d58cd3067b1d45fe8  CONFIG_VGA_SWITCHEROO
de9a1e73203427ee56bb9b0b2c36d278  linux-headers-
97b7fb9233c7eed7ba3f6b72f50cac52  linux-image-
b3aea08bc5a7fc2bf07c9e27eb197173  Readme.odt
58184865437ed7a3d0de140b3086d83e  Readme.pdf

Dropbox download links









  1. You are the man!
    Testing now, I will report back.

  2. Looks like for some reason when you enable vga_switcheroo the problem comes back. Just throws the error i915 graphics turbo disabled and after boots up to a command prompt. It did finally work on the 8th try restarting but it's no different than the standard kernel.

    Oh well you gave it a shot. I appreciate the effort.

  3. Ok looks like the Liquorix kernel you posted in the other post includes vga_switcheroo.
    I gave it a try and it seems to bootup fine as long as I set vt.handoff=0 in the grub config. vga_switcheroo works and all is well.

  4. Newest glibc (2.13) would bring some speed improvements.

    Quote from changelog:
    "New optimized string functions for x86-64: strnlen (SSE2), strcasecmp (SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.2), strncasecmp (SSE2, SSSE3, SSE4.2)"

  5. This has solved my black screen boot issue--THANK YOU! the only issues ive been seeing so far have been the system beep on reboot and my touchpad mouse not scrolling.

  6. I love your first 2.6.38 kernel man :)
    Last time I tried to make one of these I was doing it with all settings from scratch, and in a source directory. Had no idea how to make deb files lol..
    My computer had booted the kernel I built, without support for almost anything hahaha...

    I gotta download this one tonite. I tried and tested working on my asus laptop, running linux Mint 10, and now debian Mint 10. Kernel works just fine on both, I fixed the black screen thing myself, with some non-hardware accelerated driver. kinda messy but it worked.

  7. Love your kernel's man. I hate how distro's wimp out and leave you in "stable" **POSER, cough** kernels lol. You should really have an apt repository :) so we could install a nice little package called BadAssKernel-current-core2 for those of us with no fear.

    So far 2.6.38 fixed my crazy laptop camera bug where every time I came out of sleep, my camera would turn on, and I thought someone was watching me lol... I was using a pc with 2 nics as a router running ethereal/wireshark and ps -A like crazy for a little bit. Then i figure out all i had to do was open and close "cheese".

    I've got your 2.6.38 kernel running on Linux Mint 10, and Debian Mint 10 perfectly. I mean same black screen thing, but i worked around it.

  8. Everytime, I think of changing my distro back to Archlinux, but somehow stay back in Ubuntu and compile kernel myself. It is a bit more difficult in Ubuntu, but I can live with it

  9. Hey, any way that you can put in something so that it sets the native commanline resolution to 1024x768? that should be compatible enough for anyone, I'm using the nvidia binary driver not nuveau. I've played with settings here and there in grub, but so far only grub gets that resolution.

    I vaguely recall something like ubevesa or something like that being able to do it. Or kernel params being passed.

  10. I have built kernel optimized for i3/i5/i7 processors running 64bit, uploading it to dropbox, will post once when done. Also installed LinuxMint 10 32 bit in Virtualbox and compiling 32 bit kernel of optimized for atom processors. Will update blog once it is done, waiting to see how it runs in my netbook!!

    I will take Maverick kernel configuration as base and build the kernels for core2 and above, which should by default bring usbvesa and vga_switcheroo, will try this one tomorrow