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Monday, December 16, 2013

Trying freebsd 10

After numerous linux hops, I am trying freebsd 10. I should say it is really fun. I found it quite easy and it is like Arch linux

My main idea to try and use freebsd as much as possible is not because of its UI or geekiness, I want its ZFS ....

I managed to install freebsd 10 rc1 in my 2 TB harddisk. Already I have all my data in ZFS pools in another harddisk. I installed this OS with ZFS filesystem. Rest of configuration, I am slowly learning and it looks so very similar to Arch linux

Now trying to install vlc, and learning ports. This is awesome, I am building vlc for the first time. Love it till now, it keeps me engaged

Got sound working, able to check processor temperature, able to mount my ZFS pools, able to use firefox, able to use nvidia card, able to use internet ...

and played mp3 from command line till vlc builds

This is new learning, I am thinking of using it till btrfs becomes stable in linux

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