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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

After 2 months of slackware 14 use

This blog is in praise of Slackware 14

These are my views

Slackware 14 is one of the most powerful operating systems

After 2 months of use, I am finding slackware 14 to be still awesome. It still has lots of surprises

I have not seen a single crash all this long, how did they do it (After I wrote this blog post, Amarok crashed, oops ... updating blog)

Throw whatever load at it and it handles as if it is nothing. Even I moved harddisk to a new motherboard and there it ran without questions

It is super fast, I have not compiled kernel, but I can tell no kernel compilation can bring this much speed

The same system when I am running other distributions seems to take loads of time to even launch apps, this one blows the speed competition away

Slackware 14 is a beast and can handle very powerful systems/hardware with super ease!

So I am thinking of installing this linux in my main computer and push ubuntu into virtualbox, :)

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