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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paradigm shift

I have upgraded windows 8 release preview to Windows 8 Pro in one system

Till now I was not open to this sort of ideas, but it is mind-blowing

It is a paradigm shift, kudos Windows 8

It is not the speed which is different from other OS, it is the way we operate with apps which makes it look like a science fic movie, I am not joking, it is more true, the bigger your monitor is!

Say for e.g, I search something in search engine, 10 results are displayed in a screen and page numbers for moving to next page, and I scroll down to bottom click next or the page number

Now see how the same thing in Bing app in windows 8, it displays all results continuous, just a scroll of mouse moves result after result from right to right, the more you scroll the more results all flowing from left to right, shocking you with deluge of data, truly looks like a science fic movie.

Just a tap on images and lakhs of images just to be seen on your mouse scroll

There is no distraction, the more you a concentrated guy, the more you will get immersed in your task completely

Then another eye opener, panorama in Places app, wow

No amount of seeing the tiles screenshot can justify the beauty of Windows 8, it is to be experienced, period.

After using fullscreen apps and coming to desktop makes me think why are apps so small!

It is marketing guys who try to stop you from using and getting this science fic feel of UI, break your mind barrier and openly approach Windows 8 and you are there for a pleasant shock

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