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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Custom 32 bit ubuntu kernel 3.0.3 optimized for atom processors or netbook

I did a build of latest 3.0.3 kernel for my netbook running Ubuntu 11.04 (and my friends netbook who runs Linux Mint 11)

What I did to increase speed?
  1. Followed Ubuntu way of building kernel (to know more follow this link)
  2. I disabled kernel debugging in kernel configuration
  3. Changed to use SLAB instead of SLUB
  4. Changed kernel frequency to 300 HZ from 250 HZ
  5. Selected processor as Intel Atom
  6. Edited main Makefile to append -march=atom -mtune=atom
  7. Used PAE and highmem64 to support more than 4 GB
What I did?

I already uploaded the files and shared here.

I restarted and tested it, seems good.

How do I install it ?

Download the three .deb files into a new folder. Enter into the folder and give open in terminal (if you don't have this sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal) and give sudo dpkg -i *.deb

What to do if my driver does not work?

Boot into default Ubuntu kernel

Feeling happy and think it is fast?

Share your happiness (like me :) ). How ? Post your experience in your blog or comment here. Share it.

What now?


Mediafire download links







72ff4f112f59c064512310962b3fa38318fac5b44b609711183f371e468b3d6d  BuildKernel3.0.3atom.sh
79156f9a21e7ffcf91c80a9353de82525ae30b9584b7114aa117033af759e67a  linux-headers-3.0.3-030003_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_all.deb
c5655bfefdff3b29f25a06300d4a9e1cb9bbbc1818f955ded2db9c9cc4a643ce  linux-headers-3.0.3-030003-atom_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_i386.deb
fce58cc31e374dd5035393bcc1472e777b12bb33c30ee52453126fa075b67f44  linux-image-3.0.3-030003-atom_3.0.3-030003.201108180913_i386.deb


  1. Hi!

    I've been following your blog for a while and I am really thankful to you! Everything is working awesomely!

    I'd lik to make a request if it is not asking to much.. would it be possible for you to build a 3.6 kernel for a asus eeepc 1201t which has a AMD® Athlon™ Neo MV40 1.6GHz (single core) Processor? It will be running lubuntu 12.10.

    It would be really nice!

    Thanks for your awesome work so far!


    1. Thanks for appreciation, I will try this build tonight as that is the only time I would be free on weekdays

    2. http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K8/AMD-Athlon%20Neo%20for%20Ultrathin%20Notebooks%20MV-40%20-%20AMGMV40OAX4DX.html

      Is the above the correct cpu and seems it supports 64 bit

      Should I build 64 bit kernel ? I need to install 32 bit ubuntu (inside virtualbox) if I need to build 32 bit kernel

    3. I think that is the one: http://www.asus.com/Eee/Eee_PC/Eee_PC_1201T/#specifications

      I ran a lshw and it showed cpu width: 64 bit. Is this it?

      I didn't know this pc had 64 bit :D awesome

      thanks so much!

    4. So you could give Ubuntu 64 bit a try, it's speed may stun you

    5. By default 64 bit packages use more cpu instruction set and better optimized

  2. sorry i didnt mention. I do want a 64bit kernel! :D

    1. 3.4 series is long term stable kernel, you could try from below


      Sorry could not even switch on PC due to cyclone neelam (no power) and fallen trees ...