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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A thing (release) of Ubuntu Lucid is a mac forever (not, there is more)

Google chromium in action

Openoffice 3.2

Firefox 3.6

File browser

Plain background

I liked the following in Ubuntu Lucid  Lynx
  • Beautiful adium theme in empathy messenger
  • Empathy messenger, mail and gwibber integration
  • Firefox 3.6 (debian still has 3.5.x in testing)
  • Chromium browser (no chromium browser in debian repos)
  • Ubuntu software center (no such s/w center yet in debian)
  • Beautiful ambiance theme and backgrounds 
  • Font quality(this is far superior in ubuntu than in debian)
  • Speed (faster than windows, still not so fast as debian)
  • Fast boot
  • LTS support 
  • Huge amount of packages in repository
  • Fast mirrors all across globe for installing/fetching software
  • Excellent integration with nvidia graphics card (though nouveau is not stable and only nvidia driver works)
  • Amazing pulseaudio integration, sound is pretty good now
  • Ease of installation
  • ext4 support
  • hardened kernel
  • Openoffice 3.2 is amazing in Ubuntu (feels very good and better than before)
I don't feel better at the following
  • Titlebar button placement and sure I changed it
  • Lots of unncessary services running in the background unlike debian
  • Speed (poor compared to debian, sheer speed of debian is really stunning to see)
  • Mono installed by default (and I uninstalled mono-runtime, though I don't have hate or love to mono and infact have windows 7 in my system)
  • Gwibber did not work in 64 bit
  • Flashplayer installation pulled 32 bit libs and I installed 64 bit flash player manually
still exploring ...

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