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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Debian with a 1000 Hz kernel feels like debian running on steroids

Today morning I tried live CD of Fedora 13 Beta and I felt it is very very fast.

I was thinking why my installed debian is not so fast as Fedora 13 though I have a kernel compiled for core2 but with 300 HZ frequency. To check if debian also will get such feel of speed, I recompiled my kernel with 1000 HZ frequency.

Now it feels as fast as Fedora, thanks Fedora!!

To tell, it feels like debian on steroids

My kernel configuration can be downloaded from here



  1. Can you send me your kernel?
    Is it the best for Game servers?
    I Need TO the best FPS kernel For a Hosting Game Servers
    Thanks to help me!!!!

  2. You can try sidux kernel from their repos, it is already compiled with 1000Hz

  3. I can't give you the compiled kernel as I upgraded to Ubuntu Lucid in my system. If you want 1000Hz kernel easily, use sidux repositories or you can easily recompile a new kernel in 15 mins if you have i7 procesor

    If you use Ubuntu Lucid, you can directly install linux-preempt from synaptic. linux-preempt is a 1000HZ preemptive kernel from ubuntu repos

    You should benchmark (try with different kernels) and find out which one suits your game server well

  4. Reason for me jumping to Ubuntu Lucid is my laziness to configure things when Ubuntu gives everything like ready made cake

  5. I did not find chromium (open source google chrome) package in debian, I struggled to get good quality fonts, debian did not have 3.6 firefox (and it is a open source branded iceweasel 3.5.x) nor was gnome upgraded

    All in all, all of these were readily available in Ubuntu Lucid and I distro hopped, may be if I did not get a s/w again I will jump back to ... arch linux

  6. Can u tell me how can use your config on intel core duo 2 x 2.00 ? Or tel me what should i change in kernel config to get 1000 hz ? Greetz.

  7. Follow how to compile kernel using the following article I posted


    It contains screenshots for each and every step, In one of the steps, there will be a 300HZ config, there you need to select 1000 HZ

  8. Thx dude. U are great. I got it what i wanted.

    # CONFIG_HZ_100 is not set
    # CONFIG_HZ_250 is not set
    # CONFIG_HZ_300 is not set

  9. You are welcome, though you figured it yourself. :)

  10. Actually 300 HZ or lower frequencies will give you better throughput, so things like compiling, video encoding, compressing, will be faster.

    At 1000 HZ the system is more responsive, but spends a lot of time 'waiting' for events (so it can respond to them quickly), so your throughput is less.

    That's why some distros use 300 as default.