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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Custom kernel ubuntu amd64 packages optimized for core2 and above processors

Kernel amd64 ubuntu packages optimized for core2 and above  built by me and uploaded to dropbox for anyone who would like to test.

The files can be downloaded from the following links and can be checked against the SHA256SUM and MD5SUM given at the bottom of this blog to verify if the correct file is downloaded


24662b848d7b3fe2c5988a68bcafeceb1a88812c5446bf6b5d53d31f1451455b  CONFIG
1e217f59471add7ceea73e6f1352b639e95e346a96ec9c15fff8adf249c6785c  linux-headers-
e207bd7963a8683b6a17b12f34d824563e148e06ea03398f62c7171da6a63d2b  linux-image-
350174eb745c0291ad7c04336049da9235c04f543247a8122c0e4699aa83aa8a  Readme.odt
2ef3bf1210fd3136676287c89906c4fe9464aad8bb5b5ec8e663d4304ab8362d  Readme.pdf


f13d6d10e37690b3d7417e3a5dd8b82f  CONFIG
c906d3766c55e41542735e05db8b8e1d  linux-headers-
94390f3334cdf2d420a3cccdb53d5b3b  linux-image-
8ac1336d60b1ba0b78807c514ef52a6b  Readme.odt
eb983d7d2b4c1165c622d677ee1856d0  Readme.pdf

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