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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Want fresh air

Months back, I lost my old nvidia GTX 460 graphics card when I was trying a beta version of nvidia binary driver.

Then I changed to an ATI card and was very much unhappy that linux drivers were not running properly like what I used to get in GTX 460, so gave it to my nephew as he has windows and got a GTX 650

Thought everything will be breeze, how wrong I was

It was worser than AMD ATI  radeon card in linux, what ?

Initially the colors were vivid and it all looked nice with linux. The moment I played youtube videos or any videos it started tearing which was reported by many nvidia linux users across web.

Temporarily I installed Windows 8.1 Preview release. Wow, the graphics card showed its power and all the videos run fine, youtube runs fine.

I want to install linux back as I am feeling out of water without its terminal, its commands (I dont like using virtualization much). I dont feel much time is left for me to install and experiment due to various other things. Another thing, it throws me out of balance the various unstable ui changes happening around linux. It looks like a never ending beta.

Waiting for fresh nvidia drivers to land ... to come back to linux

Till then maybe I should be satisfied with running live cds and linux inside virtual box or vmware

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