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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kernel 3.6 build script for Ubuntu

I will make it short, :)

I built kernel 3.6,

The build script is here

and incidentally this is 150th post of this blog!

64 atom optimized Ubuntu kernel packages

SHA256SUMS of the 64bit 3.6 linux kernel packages I built with atom optimization

ae7a3348f43c8c31827bd6f61d90a1e280c334d41f1d37c539e2f7a203c24a0e buildkernel36atom.sh

ada5b5dddc64e064663a9c935266e6555e8b58d81746f78bb3eb7164ef5d9512 linux-headers-3.6.0-030600_3.6.0-030600.201209302035_all.deb

be3f14c920353ad571a5809a30e3a2be49665a71abf413a883a9118b84b11dc6 linux-headers-3.6.0-030600-atom_3.6.0-030600.201209302035_amd64.deb

097b0738e8a26ccfc6b93ed9c7e3a19b05e9d9d2aaac9e360b4de6eefdb5e03c linux-image-3.6.0-030600-atom_3.6.0-030600.201209302035_amd64.deb

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  1. in the script , instead of "march=corei7" , you should use "march=native".

    This will build the kernel taking all the peculiarities and quirks of that specific architecture in mind.Its no use building for corei7 if you have a core2quad.
    If you have a atom, it will build keeping in mind the register count and parallelism in Atom. If you have a ivy-bridge, it will use ivy-bridge instruction set.And so on.

    Also, people with AMD CPU's wont be able to build the kernel at all using your script !

    1. Good suggestion, I will use march=native, thanks

    2. I have built with march=native and the kernel feels definetely faster, thanks

      Here is the script I used to build, link

  2. i have GCC4.7.1 on my system (probably GCC4.6 as well) . When using this script, which GCC version will be used ? GCC4.7.1 or GCC4.6 ?

    1. It will use what gcc is symlinked to, by default gcc symlink points to gcc 4.6

  3. The only problem building custom kernels is keeping it updated with the latest patches. Every time a new patch is released, you have to rebuild it again.

    Do you know of any repositories which have these custom built Ubuntu kernels ?

  4. The buildfile uses -O2 by default. Is it OK to use -O3 ?

    1. O3 optimization may not work properly with kernels, O2 is safe