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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Trying Kubuntu 11.04

I am trying Kubuntu 11.04 and planning to get back to Ubuntu today itself.

I don't know if this is a feature or bug, here is what I faced

I had my files in /home/sankaran directory and I had it renamed to /home/sankaran-ubu before installing Kubuntu

After installing Kubuntu I browsed /home/sankaran-ubu through Dolphin and cut all the folders inside it (Music, Videos, Documents, Downloads ...) and pasted into /home/sankaran folder (which I have done everytime when I installed ubuntu using nautilus)


to my surprise Kubuntu sorry KDE sorry Dolphin thought it will copy all the files instead of cut.

It took around half an hour to copy (when I requested to cut (but why does it copy when I ask to cut))

It would have finished cutting and pasting (a mv operation in Ubuntu as they are same hd and just it does not copy like Dolphin does) within a minute (nay in seconds), but why, Kubuntu why do you copy when I ask you to cut

See the screenshot, which Dolphin pops up happily after copying(when I asked it to cut and annoys me)

And another observation, after cutting all the files (by copying and deleting, so bad ....) Dolphin thought it will leave the folder names as is, can't believe it (the folder structure is left as is from the source but files are cut and pasted, so basically Dolphin recreated the folder structure in the destination and copied the files and deleted .... )

Sorry, I want to run away from Kubuntu asap

And now rebooting to Ubuntu, bye Kubuntu

On a second thought, I am back into Kubuntu just to see how much I can endure it, I should say it is wow with all the effects as after rebooting it is with nvidia proprietary drivers and the effects are brilliant


  1. I recently switched to Kubuntu (or better said to KDE as I just switched the desktop because I couldn't stand that Unity disaster anymore and I thought I would finally try KDE, which all people are praising these days). And I don't have problems with moving like you have. All I could think of is that the source folder may have such user rights that it is only readable and not editable. So it would only be possible to copy it but not delete it since there would be no permissions for that. Anyways I'm enjoying KDE very much now, I would even say that I'm more happy with it that i was with GNOME.

  2. yeah anyhow I could not stand more than a day, tried Fedora 15 and ended up with no grub, no boot, not even showing my windows ...

    And ran back to Ubuntu very fast (I am also not using unity, I am using Gnome Classic, logout unity, choose username, then in the bottom, you can choose Ubuntu Classic which is gnome and enjoy ...)

  3. I will wait till this weekend and try Kubuntu again. Felt dolphin is not as good as nautilus

  4. Cut a folder with lots of files, paste it, cut the same folder again, paste it elsewhere ... do this 3 or 4 times and see how Dolphin reacts ...

  5. Try Konqueror instead of Dolphin, it works much better for me.

  6. Ok, I will try, thanks for the info