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Monday, January 18, 2010

Pardus 2009.1 Screenshots of installation and KDE 4.3.4

The above screenshot shows the vbox modules highlighted. Pardus comes with all the virtualbox kernel modules and runs like native inside virtualbox

Pardus 2009.1 comes with all the modules for virtualbox inbuilt, due to which Pardus 2009.1 runs very smooth and fast inside virtualbox, feels like running Pardus 2009.1 native. Pardus 2009.1 feels very clean and highly sophisticated technology. With easy to configure Kaptan and super integration of KDE 4.3.4, gives a feel of great power to end user.

I took all the screenshots inside virtualbox-ose running inside debian-squeeze (debian testing and I love it more than Ubuntu). See the last screenshot which shows, debian in the background and Pardus inside virtualbox

While installing, I saw modules for broadcom wireless being installed shown in status bar, I will try Pardus 2009.1 in my netbook next

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