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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 with droid font looks crisp and beautiful

I installed the droid font which is the default android font coming with android mobiles. Ubuntu repository has this droid font and can be installed as follows

sudo apt-get install ttf-droid

After changing the default font to Droid serif, every text looks better and crisper in Ubuntu (atleast to my eyes)

Here is how to change the default font

Right click on empty area of desktop and select menu Change Desktop Background  and select Fonts tab


System --> Preference --> Appearance --> Fonts

Change the default font to Droid Serif (and not Droid Sans) and choose the size as you like

Here is the screenshot showing my font defaults

Another screenshot showing nautilus displaying folders, see the Applications menu, nautilus menu, text under folder, everything feels better with droid serif font

I hope you will also be able to get a better font experience like this

1 comment:

  1. I prefer droid-sans. Serif gives OS a shady look of looking at a word document all over the place