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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fedora 11 rocks with KDE 4.3.1

Recently I was playing with Ubuntu Jaunty in my netbook and I made it totally useless by installing netbook launcher from synaptic. I could not see my gnome panel. I could have fixed it. But I used to try fedora 11 again on my netbook. I mounted Fedora 11 DVD iso in /var/www/ in my desktop (a core i7 desktop) then installed from network (home network)

Then to get wireless working I installed kmod-wl from rpmfusion. After rebooting I was surprised to see 2.6.30 kernel which is very new and I got wireless.

I wanted to try KDE 4.2 under Fedora 11 so installed KDE instead of gnome in fedora 11. I installed all updates overnight and came next morning to be pleasantly surprised to see KDE 4.3.1. Wow

Some screenshots below

I am enjoying KDE 4.3.1 in Fedora 11. Fedora 11 has latest KDE 4.3.1 , Firefox 3.5.1. Also openoffice is 3.1. Fedora 11 is very snappy than Ubuntu Jaunty in this netbook. I am thinking of going with Fedora 11 in my core i7 desktop (I am very lazy to reinstall/remove Ubuntu from it)

I had enabled presto (delta updates) by installing presto plugin

sudo yum install yum-presto

Fedora 11 did the update around 1GB very fast as it used presto (delta updates) It updated only around 500 MB instead of 1 GB. And the reason for fedora snappiness may be due to its i586 architecture instead of i386. Also after upgrading default swappiness in Fedora 11 has been modified to 40 from 60!!

Commmand to know swappiness of system

sudo sysctl -q vm.swappiness

Only glitch I faced is while playing videos/audios in VLC as it had a buggy pulse audio implementation. Just for VLC sake, I disabled pulseaudio and everything works fine. To disable pulseaudio I removed alsa-plugins-pulseaudio package

suspend/resume works great on this netbook with Fedora 11

Fedora 11 rocks

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