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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Ubuntu 11.10 Rant

Here is my rant. Ubuntu tries to be annoying, where is the checksum ?? I surfed mad across ubuntu.com to find a checksum of the file I downloaded

Sorry Ubuntu, this is irksome and I went to distrowatch to find out the release notes and release announcement. distrowatch.com displayed the SHA256SUMS link

Doesn't Ubuntu want people to verify their download, why does it make it so difficult to put a checksum in download page of Ubuntu. Won't  its users benefit from verifying their download.

What if some man in the middle attack caused a download of some other iso and the unsuspecting user thinks it is Ubuntu. Doesn't security weigh more than user interface, perhaps Ubuntu has seen a paradigm shift and I need a paradigm shift

See Ubuntu, your own sibling Kubuntu, Kubuntu explains beautifully about verifying the download along with easy access to checksums

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